About Me.

Hi, I'm Mary-Anne Da'Marzo,

I own a digital marketing agency in the heart of London Firebelly Media.

I am also responsible for all the little heart notes popping up in central London. I have always used words or quotes to get me through tricky times. I share things I have read, learnt or experienced in life, in the hope that I can inspire others.

Feel free to browse my blog, shop my art collections or just get in touch, I love a chat!

Thank you for stopping by it means the world to me.

If you want to read more about the inspiration behind heartynotes please head to my About page.

Mary-Anne x

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"If one single thing I do inspires you, I  have done what I set out to do".

Mary-Anne Da'Marzo

We have the ability to impact the lives of the people we connect with every single day.

We all need a little hearty love don't you think?

If you see a #heartynote around please take a photo and share with someone you think may need those words in that moment.

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