Positive Mail Only Please!

Fed up of waking up and receiving emails that make me feel crappy I wanted to create something a lot more positive for all of us. Many of you are unable to see the little hearty-notes around as they are not in your towns and cities...yet so how about a little #heartynote in your inbox every morning?


Click the button below to subscribe and every single morning you will receive a little email packed FULL of positive vibes & a whole lot of hearty love.


We have the ability to impact the lives of the people we connect with every single day.

We all need a little hearty love don't you think?

If you see a #heartynote around please take a photo and share with someone you think may need those words in that moment.

Connect with me.

If you would like to subscribe to the Hearty Notes weekly email please pop your details in the box below.

©2020 by Mary-Anne Da'Marzo

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