10 Artists you should be following on Instagram!

There is nothing like a global pandemic and being confined to the walls of your own home to get those creative cravings going. Usually (in our alternate universe) to quench this thirst for inspiration we are able to visit museums, stroll around galleries and wonder around hidden workshops. My own Saturday morning ritual usually involves a lazy mooch around my local pop-ups and neighborhood studios armed with freshly roasted coffee and my favourite breakfast brioche. Alas, we must wait a little longer till this wonderful normality can fully return. That being said we can always rely on the virtual world to tantalise our artistic taste buds, for at the click of a button we can have inspiration and creativity at our fingertips. Instagram has such a huge array of artist accounts - from acrylic artists, wall artists, graffiti artists, street artists, textiles artists, the list goes on. Some of these Instagram artists are already well established in the art world and some are up and coming hidden talents; who by sharing their creations online are thriving on this platform and rising up to build a strong following for themselves and a whole new virtual appreciation for their work. For many of these artists, Instagram has become the primary platform for them to sell their artworks and is the reason so many people are using this channel to find great wall art and pieces for their homes.

The pool of artistic talent is so vast it can be hard to find which accounts to follow. Have you ever gone to watch a film or TV series on Netflix to be faced with (dare I say it) ‘too much choice’ and you end up mindlessly scrolling between categories like “what’s trending” or “suggestions for you”. The irony is after spending so much time searching for what it is you want you don’t even feel like watching anything in the end! To help with this “first world” predicament of having such a big selection to choose from, I decided to compile a list of some of my favourite instagram artists right now and one’s whose pieces you will soon be longing to hang on the walls of your own homes. So whether you are reading this as a fellow artist, someone looking for new and unique wall art for your home, or simply someone who just needs that fresh pop of colour and inspiration in your life here is my list of 10 instagram artists that I think deserve a follow from you.

Jessica Swan

Instagram: Jesswan_art


Jessica Swan is an abstract artist based in Australia. Her self- taught and distinctive style has become recognised internationally with many of her pieces finding homes on walls around the world. Jessica describes her pieces as “bright, intuitive and free-flowing artworks inspired by the natural beauty of nature”. It’s no wonder Jessica has chosen to display the Unicorn emoji in her bio, for her collection is a magical array of colours, cloudy swirls and pink sky bombs. Jessica takes a great deal of inspiration from the ever-changing colour palettes and formations of the sky. Jessica’s creative goal “is to inspire you, the viewer, to slow down and reconnect”. She certainly achieves this when we’re viewing her work! Jessica’s pieces evoke so much joy you can’t help but smile when you look at them. We definitely give her the Hearty Notes wall artist’s stamp of approval!

Jess Marney

Instagram: jessmarneydesign


Jessica Marney is another great abstract artist from down under and uses paints, pastels and pencils as her main choice of materials. When discussing her creative process she explains “My work is inspired by what is happening (to me) at that point in time, what environment I am surrounded by and what season it is”.

We love Jessica’s use of bright bold blocks of colours and shapes in her pieces; great for adding a splash of colour to any room. Conversely to these brighter pieces she also creates wonderful and simplistic line art. I especially love her work inspired by the female form, which have such an effortless quality. For me these pieces say so much by saying so little and would be a great addition to the wall of any home.

Carly Wiggers

Instagram: paintingsbycar


Carly boldly states “My art is an expression of my soul” and if that’s true then this artist has one vibrant and colourful soul! Her work is abstract, playful, fun and one big punch of pink. Carly explains that she “loves communicating (her) emotions on the canvas and inspiring others to do the same” – she certainly inspires us at Hearty Notes HQ! Definitely worth a follow; your soul will thank us later!

Marcus Aitken



The distinguished Saatchi Art gallery has categorised Marcus Aitken as being one of the “Top 20 artists to watch in 2020” – and after a quick scroll of his account it’s clear to see why! Marcus describes his work as “gestural abstract paintings influenced by process and music”. Opting for a less traditional approach he prefers to paint with his surfaces flat on the ground, usually on materials such as canvas or wood. His strokes are raw and deliberate and set against a backdrop of wonderfully wicked colour combinations. His work makes a clear impact on anyone that views it so if you’re someone who wants their wall art to stand out we definitely give him a big Hearty Notes thumbs up.

Jessica Young

Instagram: jessicayoungart


Jessica is an acrylic artist who utilises her talents as a psychotherapist and healer to create the most beautiful and soul- nourishing pieces. Through the combination of alcohol inks, fluid acrylic paints, glitter and crystals her aim is to create work which offers healing and evokes restorative feelings for her viewers. Our team loves her one of kind pieces, for they make an impact both on your heart and your mind whilst adding a little bit of sparkle to your day.

Laura horn

Instagram: laurahornart


Laura is a mixed media abstract artist who is predominantly inspired by nature to create the most visually satisfying collages and wall art. It’s not just her artwork that gets our Hearty Notes love – we also love what she stands for! Laura loves to express that she “followed (her) passion and created a beautiful, messy creative life around it”. As well as being a wonderful artist she is also a big cheerleader and pro active positivity spreader who encourages fellow artists to build their confidence, talents and creative style. Laura believes “Tapping into creativity gave (her) clarity and confidence” and insists it can do this for others too. Big Hearty Love for Laura!

Tomas Hammar

Instagram: tomashammarart


Tomas Hammar is an acrylic artist and abstract painter from Sweden. When discussing his process and approach he explains that”his ambition is to achieve balance between colour, luminosity and mathematical distance, but also to break it to create that beautiful contrast between harmony and chaos”.

Tomas’s wall art is quite memorising and has an almost hypnotic quality; he creates pieces that you almost want to spend hours staring at in order to take it all in. But don’t just take our word for it go have a scroll yourself!

Georgina Walton

Instagram: georginawaltonartist


Georgina is an abstract artist who has a signature style which incorporates paint drips into her creations. She enjoys working with thicker paint as the paint drips are far more fluid, freer and natural. We love how Georgina’s wall art immediately establishes itself as the main focus point in any room it hangs. When divulging deeper into the intentions of her pieces she expresses that she wants onlookers to lose themselves in a “visual limbo”! We can safely safe she certainly achieves this with her collideascope of colours which awakens and stimulates all the senses.

Art Boheme

Instagram: art.boheme


If you are feeling anything like the Hearty Notes team then you are longing for summer and holidays. Travelling and planning tropical adventures currently feels like a distant dream or unattainable mirage. If this rings true for you then you will love this next artist to add some golden hues and promises of sun-kissed nights back into your life. Art Boheme creates work designed to evoke sentimental memories and emotions linked to travel and exploring. The warm colours and tones used make you feel so relaxed and restored you almost feel like you are in the paintings themselves. We hope you enjoy scrolling through this account as much as we do! Go get your burst of summer!

Charlie Mackesy

Instagram: charliemackesy


The last suggestion on this list already has quite a following, but I couldn’t write a blog about my favourite artists without giving him a mention. Charlie’s work has an almost childlike quality and evokes feelings of nostalgia and memories of my youth. It echos the sensation you might feel when seeing the illustrations of Winnie the Pooh or Beatrix Potter. To compliment his drawings he incorporates beautiful messages and quotes which leaves the viewer’s heart slightly warmer and somewhat emotional. Charlie’s artwork has such a positive meaning and purpose to spread heartfelt and sincere messages to those who view it. It seemed poignant to end our list with Charlie Mackesy, for his intentions for his work mirrors so much of our own ones at Hearty Notes. We try to use affirmations, quotes and words to make a positive impact and remember how a few simple words can shift our entire mindset and perspective.


...Art is such a subjective form of expression, one painting can evoke a whole spectrum of emotions for each individual observer. We hope you enjoyed our suggestions and who knows maybe even feel a little inspired to go pick up the brush and create some of your own wall art yourself. In the words of Matisse “Creativity takes courage” but remember “every artist was first an amateur” (Emerson) you just might surprise yourself.

If you enjoyed this blog post or fancy an arty discussion with our hearty notes artist we would just love to hear from you. Equally if you have any artist recommendations for us (maybe you’re an artist yourself) please leave a comment below or get in touch as we love to read your thoughts and feedback.

My final thought (brush-stroke) of the day…Fill your days with all the colours of the rainbow and you may just find some hidden treasure.

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