How to incorporate affirmations into your day.

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

"Where you point your mind is exactly what you will find."

"Affirmations are more powerful than requests, for they remind you that you already have what you seek."

If you are unfamiliar with using affirmations, they are essentially little phrases or words with positive intent. They aim to affect the conscious and subconscious mind so that, in turn they affect our behaviour, thinking patterns, habits and environment.

How to create an affirmation.

If you are reading this blog post, i'm sure you have an interest in self development and self improvement. Affirmations are a magical way of helping you journey through life with a greater sense of direction. Before I come up with new affirmations I tend to journal on the things I would like to improve in my life, these could be anything at all from self love, to finding your dream job etc. The magic in affirmations is that they can be so specific and so personal to you.

Let me tell you a little secret...

"Things happen twice, once in the mind and then in reality."

Let's say self love is a focus for you right now, if you have been following me on this little journey you will know this is a HUGE focus for me. Here are a few examples of affirmations around self love;

- I deserve to feel loved by me.

- I am allowing myself to love me more than ever before.

- I am opening myself up to a world of self-love.

- I am in love with myself.

- I acknowledge my own self-worth.

- I love you, i'm listening.

Metaphysically, affirmations affect the universal consciousness that is spirit. When you think them, you change your body's energy field, which affects the energy field that is universal consciousness. And when you speak them, you emit a sound wave that travels through the air and interacts with the delicate dynamic of the universe. Remember that a thought is an inner activity, while speech has an outward effect. This is why it's so important to speak your positive thoughts. The universal consciousness will respond in kind, so you should be aware of what thoughts and affirmations you are sending out into the energy field that is shared by all. Affirm the very best about yourself and your life. And when you say affirmations, make yourself believe what you are saying -- that is the key to affirming speech into reality.

When should you use my affirmations?

Whenever you want to! Seriously, they are for YOU.

I personally like to repeat mine during my morning pages. you can read about those here - X

If you are familiar with Wendy the Completion Coach, she has an un-written rule that every-time she goes to the bathroom she looks into the mirror and repeats her affirmations. If you are forgetful you could also stick post it notes on the mirror so they are right in front of you.

If you are someone that uses the computer or your mobile a lot, you could also put your affirmations on your desktop or phone background. We have created some free desktop backgrounds around self love if you would like to download them you can click here

I can't tell you how much #affirmations have changed my life, and whether or not you beleive in the universal power around affirmations there is something so magical about consistently repeating something you are striving for, it keeps it top of mind and therefore it works.

If you have been inspired by this post and have created your own affirmations I would love to know.

All the hearty love,

Mary-Anne. x

p.s if you would like to know a little bit more about #heartynotes please watch this little video.

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