My biggest lessons of 2020 so far!

The Start of 2020 has been an absolute whirlwind for me. A fabulous whirlwind, I can tell you now. This year I think I might have learnt more about myself than ever before. 

During the last months of 2019, I was feeling somewhat low in energy, and now this doesn't happen very often for me, I am usually filled with enthusiasm and high energy. After talking through everything with Lucian, who is my absolute rock in times of uncertainty or unease, I could see things a little clearer. 

"Because at the end of the day, we are all just figuring ourselves out."

I think it is so easy during these periods to almost put up a block to the world out of some sort of attempted protection to your inner state. I read a lot of books, and I know that this is not the way to deal with challenges, but I do know that it is an easy solution when you feel low, and it does to some extent work. When reflecting on why I was feeling this way I realised I had stopped doing the things that make me feel grounded, I had stopped using the tools I know work in my little toolbox of life. 

Everyone has a little toolbox, and everyone knows the things that they do in times of stress or uncertainty. This could be a run, a massage, a yoga class, seeing your friends, family or a combination of many things. This year I have come to understand that my non-negotiables in life.

My toolbox contains the following:

- Wake up time (between 5-6 am)

- Morning Pages

- Morning Yoga Practice (30min-1hour)

- Meditation (at least 10 mins)

- Drinking-Water (as much as I can!)

- Evening Pages

I made a promise to myself that I would ensure every day I followed these rituals and oh my goodness has it made a difference. By practising these things, I can work out what areas of my life I am not enjoying and what I would like to create more of. 

My most significant lessons of 2020 so far:

1. Self-love is an inside job.

2. Don't get distracted.

3. Patience.

Let me break these down for you, as I see them. Now I know at first glance these must seem glaringly obvious, but in January 2020, I got to know myself a lot closer in these areas.

Self-love is an inside job.

Self-love is hard, it re